With Global Business Partners , your business will expand in new markets and segments whilst your key resources stay focused on your core area.


Whether moving into new product lines or new geographies, business expansion is necessary for increased returns and long-term profitability. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the expertise or resources to do it.
At Global Business Partners, we want you to focus on your core business and leave the growth to us.
With more than 25 years of experience managing multi-national corporations and a large, reliable network of technology partners, Global Business Partners has the expertise to analyze your business as it stands today and recommend to you the top growth areas in line with your long-term objectives.
In addition to helping you define the most effective growth plan, we have the resources to implement it and, if you wish, even run your new business operations for continued long-term success.
Our methodology and full-service structure is designed so that you can continue business as is and leave the growth to us.


About Us

Global Business Partners international team is made of top senior executives coming from most prestigious technology companies ( Xerox , Dell , NEC , Philips , ...) who have decided to bring their experience to innovative companies into a true success sharing partnership.

Global Business Partners is a full-service business expansion partner. With following services , we are prepared to take on as much of the growth process as required so that our clients can continue to focus on their core business:

Consulting Services: 

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in running multi-national companies and managing numerous product lines. Through our Consulting Services, we will assess your operations, analyze the current market and offer custom-built strategies to help you expand into new products, segments and geographies to grow your business. 

Implementation Services: 

With our large, reliable network of partners and experts within EMEA and Asia, our Implementation Services consultants can help set up your new business arms or grow into new regions with local expertise. As change management experts, we will work closely with you throughout the launch and implementation phase of your new projects .

Continuous Operation Services: 

We understand that you have a business to maintain and that resource allocation can be a difficult task in managing expansion projects. As a true business partner, our Continuous Operation Services experts will take this responsibility off your hands by continuing to run and optimize your new business under a long-term renewable contract. Our unique fee structure, linked directly to your results, ensures that we are always working in your best interest. 

 Where appropriate, we also negotiate and manage mergers and acquisitions for our clients looking to expand by strategic partnerships or takeovers

This fully integrated approach combined  with experience of its members and associates and their commitment to sucess is unique in the industry to the full benefit of Global Business Partners 'customers .



Our Commitments


Global Business Partners is committed to ethical and environmentally friendly business practices, acting in full accordance with the legal standards in countries where we operate.

With our clients, we maintain and encourage open, honest partnerships, respect their privacy and confidentiality. We take care to avoid conflicts of interest among the companies we are partnered with.

We are also overdemanding in selecting our consultants and partners .Sharing our values - especially about customer orientation or upholding the same degree of high ethical standards- and bringing fruitful experience on the table are key decisions criteria .

 Last but not least , we deliver our services with a proven methodology coming from our cumulated succesful experiences within high-tech industry whilst keeping a very pragmatic and 'hands-on' attitude.

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Thanks for your interest in  SARL GLOBAL BUSINESS PARTNERS !

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